The Project

Funded by the European Programme ERASMUS+ (Education and Vocational Training), the SIMULTRA project is carrying out six simulation tools for some of the main operational processes in the logistics and transport sector.

With reference to the goods, the simulation modules concern:

Supply chain management
Intermodal platform management
Port operations
Warehouse logistics management
Road transport management
Customs Practices

The processes that will be simulated are highly representative of six medium-high qualification professions (4th, 5th and 6th level EQF):
Supply Chain Designer / Planner
Container Terminal Resource Planner
Warehouse Technician/Employee
Inland Terminal Clerk
Clerk for Customs Practices
Transport clerk


The basic objective is to allow students, or anyone else being trained, to learn in a simulated environment, therefore strictly real, the main task that characterizes the job that will then be performed in the company. This will eventually facilitate the job placement providing schools, companies and training institutions with practical and next generation tools for work-based learning..

The simulators are made with innovative techniques and graphics, with different levels of difficulty, which make learning fun and challenging, albeit highly professional. Each simulation is equipped with a user manual for installation and use.


Process simulators are tools that can be integrated into present professional training and educational paths, providing new solutions for learning. To facilitate its use and understanding, each simulator comes with a description of the professional profile of which the main task is replicated. The simulation also features the list of learning outcomes (and therefore of the knowledge, skills, abilities) that the student will acquire, and supplementary training material that put into context and adds notions, data and information.


The SIMULTRA project is implemented with the support of the following EU training/research centres: Institute for Transport and Logistics – ITL, Parma Freightvillage – CePIM, POLIEDRA (Italy), Antwerp University (Belgium), Association for the development of professional training in transport – AFT (France), Vocational Training Center of the Region of Aragon and Grab Solutions (Spain). 

There are also several schools, training institutions and companies that support the project and provide feedback and validation of the activities carried out by the project work group.


This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union SIMULTRA 2017-1-IT01-KA202-006140
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